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Proud to be the first small-batch artisan bean to bar chocolate business in South Florida using only single origin cacao beans from small farms around the world.
At Cao Chocolates we have the commitment to bring you only the best chocolate bars using single origin cacao beans from Fair-Trade certified plantations and most of them with Organic certification. We proudly don’t add preservatives, oils, soy lecithin, or any other emulsifiers to our chocolate bars.
In our facility, we received the cacao beans fermented and dried. We roast slowly at different temperatures depending on each bean, to develop flavors and aromas featuring each cacao origin’s unique profile.
Then, we separate the husk from the nibs and using melangeurs, we turn the cacao nibs into a fine paste, called cacao liquor. This process will occur for up to 4 days where sugar is added and all particles are refined until get a smooth chocolate with and improve texture and workability.
The chocolate is taken through varying temperatures to achieve the most compact, stable form of the cocoa butter crystals. The chocolate is poured into custom molds, vibrated to remove air bubbles, and cooled. At the end of this step, we obtain a shinning chocolate with a good snap that will melt slowly in your mouth.
Last but not least, we inspect every single bar and wrap manually using our colorful packages printed locally in Miami.
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