Cao Chocolates' Ode to Soccer 2022
Cao Chocolates' Ode to Soccer 2022

Cao Chocolates' Ode to Soccer 2022

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Since 2014 Cao Chocolates has been creating chocolate flavors inspired by countries that qualified to the Soccer World Cup.

This is an ode to Ricardo’s favorite sport. He lives, breathes and enjoys soccer and the World Cup is the most anticipated event for him.

Ricardo (aka Cao) selected 12 of the qualified countries and created chocolate bonbons inspired on the most famous flavors as a tribute to the most beautiful sport in the world.

The selection includes:

  1. Ecuador - dark single origin 70% ecuadorian cacao
  2. England - english tea
  3. Argentina - malbec wine
  4. France - café au lait
  5. Spain - Cava wine
  6. Germany - black forrest cake
  7. Brazil - brigadeiro
  8. Switzerland - milk chocolate truffle
  9. Portugal - Port Wine
  10. Japan - Matcha tea
  11. Mexico - Horchata
  12. Usa - Apple Bourbon

Take your time to enjoy every single piece slowly, and live the Soccer World Cup 2022 through Cao Chocolates.

This chocolate box is a limited edition and will be sold by pre-order only. We will deliver/ship your order on November 15th, 2022.

Place your order now and celebrate with us during the biggest soccer event if the world!